About Simon Knocks


Hello there, my name is Simon Knocks, and my home is my fortress. I remember growing up in Washington DC, and we group of in a block apartment. I remember nights, when our jerk neighbors would play loud music partying, and me and my brothers couldn’t sleep.
Back then I used to tell myself, – I will do everything, to have my own home. A house. Where me and my family would be safe and sound.

Fast forward twenty years, and here I am. I have my own landscaping business and roofing businesses, I am succesfull businessman, – I have two houses of my own. One in Washington, one in New Mexico, and I am a proud family of a beautiful baby daughter.

This blog includes short snippets of my life. My daily journey through life. Home improvement, fitness, health improvement, soul searching etc.
Recently I found this new way of training, I call it home crossfit. So I turned our basement into a weird beast-like looking gym. While doing that (myself – I’m a man, right?) I came across various ways how to improve not only your health, but your home too.

So yeah, – read my blog regularly and you mighta s well learn a thing or two.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at any time. Or better jump by or give me a ring!
Simon Knocks
2141 K Street NW #606
Washington, DC 20037