10 Things To Look For In The Best Maid Company For Your Home

The constant demands of life make you possibly more busy than you can want. Career demands, family obligations, social activities, workout sessions, and downtime all fill up your schedule faster than you can blink at it. Taking care of your home’s cleaning needs often is one of the things that falls to the wayside, and that means that having professionals step in is a good solution. When you decide you want someone to come clean your home, keep the following 10 things to look for in mind when you seek out the best maid company for your home.

1) Background checks and bonds: It’s an unfortunate reality that maid services are not always trusted when it comes to having access to a home or residence. While this can be somewhat mitigated by only having them come when you are home, unless you watch them every minute they work, you can’t be one hundred percent sure everything is going okay. At that point it might even be faster to do the cleaning yourself, and that defeats the point.

Good maid companies have already run background checks on their employees, and certainly don’t mind if you do the same on your own. Great maid services actually have employees that are bonded and insured in the event of losses, and bonded workers are typically trustworthy, as their reputation is their business and livelihood.

2) Photo IDs for the employees: Good maid services not only have employees that wear name badges with photos, but either text or email you photos of the people coming to your home before they show up. That way, you know who exactly to open the door to, and are not surprised by a stranger that may have stolen a company uniform, knowing your home gets their service.

3) A maid company that uses company vehicles: There are two advantages to using a maid service that has employees come to your home in company vehicles. First off, there won’t be any misunderstandings when neighbors see unfamiliar cars show up whose drivers and passengers get out and enter your home, possibly when you’re not there. The neighbor’s intentions might be perfectly well in meaning when they call the cops to report it, but the result is a series of awkward conversations. That’s all avoided if it’s obviously a maid service.

The second advantage to company cars is that is that content within those cars is known and accessible to multiple people at the business. Even with background checks, ID badges, and bonds, it’s always possible an employee of a maid service might see something in your home they want and sneak it out to their car. This is a lot harder to do with a company vehicle shared with others.

4) They also serve small offices: While most maid companies focus on serving homes and residential properties, others do not actually restrict themselves to just these situations. Small office environments and even some small businesses have cleaning needs that are not that different from a private home, so a maid company can get more business without stepping out of their set of normal services. If you run your own office or business, you might be able to contract cleaning services for two locations at once for a combined package discount.

5) The ability to deal with pets: Maid services need to be able to service any home that needs cleaning. Refusing to deal with homes that have pets not only cuts off potential business, but creates a bad reputation that even further kills sales. Employees of a maid service need to not only be able to coexist with pets while working within a home but also be skilled in cleaning up after them. This not only means cleaning food and water bowls and litter boxes, but also vacuuming up pet dander and hair on furniture.

6) Flexible hours: While maid services are typically thought of as individuals who work during traditional banking hours, great maid services need to be able to fit the scheduling needs and demands of their clients. Some families prefer maid services to come in the evening so they can be home when the work is taking place, or they might be working second shift and out of the way then. Weekend and evening work can also be convenient to make sure that homes are sparkling spic and span in time for guests or parties.

7) They do laundry: A lot of cleaning services will come in and happily clean the floors, counters, furniture and other surfaces of a home, but they might not offer laundry services. If you have a washer and dryer in your home, then it’s a reasonable expectation that a maid service would run some loads for you so that your clothes are clean, folded, and neatly stored when you get home.

8) You choose the cleaning products: Budget cleaning services, or self-employed cleaners working on a casual basis, might rely entirely on your own stockpile of cleaning products and supplies. A professional business will bring its own, but the best services will let you pick and choose what kinds of supplies are put to use.

There’s four primary reasons this is beneficial. First, you might have certain floors, surfaces, or furniture that have particular care requirements and can have damage avoided through safe use of the right cleaners. Second, some individuals in your home might have allergies or sensitivities to certain cleaners. Third, you get the power to avoid any particular fragrances or scents you find distasteful, or even choose the ones you do prefer. Fourth, if environmental concerns are important to you, you can specify eco-friendly, natural, organic and biodegradable cleaners.

9) Relationships or referrals with landscapers: This is actually a bit rare, as maid services focus mostly on the inside of a home. However, some have relationships or the ability to give referrals to landscaping services or individuals that can keep your yard as clean and pristine as your home.

10) Response to negative feedback: Great maid services are going to have very high ratings on customer review sites and with the Better Business Bureau. However, any business that does a lot of work will inevitably have some blowback from disgruntled customers. A great maid service is going to have a demonstrated pattern of apologies and attempts to make things right with customers.

Now that you know the 10 things to look for in maid services, you’ll find the best one in your area for your home and cleaning needs.

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